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Vehicle Tracking System with Enterox Enterprise Software

Transportation Management System

A transportation management system (TMS) is a business software application that automates transport management operation in supply chain management. Advanced TMS such as TMVTS also provide vehicle tracking system (VTS) for tracking freight from origin to destination.

Transport management with vehicle tracking system (TMVTS) plays an important role in the supply chain process of enterprise resource planning (ERP) by serving as a collaboration software for shippers, carriers and customers. While also facilitating flow of information between order processing in ERP system, warehouse management system (WMS) or distribution center and customer relationship management (CRM) with customer portal.

The full form of TMVTS is Transportation Management with Vehicle Tracking System. TMVTS is a vehicle tracking software as a service provided by a company called Enterox that offers Enterprise IoT Solutions. Enterox also provides advisory services to assist companies evaluate transportation management system software applications that work with its vehicle tracking system. Enterox consultancy will help you compare leading transportation management programs to find the best solution for your business. Enterox leverages new technology such as IoT while focusing on building new enterprise solutions to deliver on increasing customer expectations.

TMVTS is a purpose built Vehicle Tracking System for Transport Operation. For general purpose Vehicle Tracking check out GPS Vehicle Tracker (GPS VT). GPSVT is GPS Vehicle Tracker for Truck, Trailer, Car, Cab, Bus and Bike.

TMVTS vehicle tracking was earlier a module of supply chain management suite in Enterox ERP but is now available as a separate service from Enterox that can also integrate with enterprise software from other ERP solution providers such as SAP and Oracle. TMVTS is designed to support both shippers (companies shipping goods) and transportation and logistics companies by managing all transportation activities that include freight, shipping and logistics.

A transport management system provides ability to consolidate orders into shipments for maximizing return on transportation spending by optimizing transport while also facilitate managing transportation logistics efficiently and reliably. Transportation and logistics management part of supply chain management is centered on transportation logistics it enables interaction between an order management system (OMS) and distribution center (DC) or warehouse management system (WMS).

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

While a transportation management system (TMS) helps companies in shipping freights efficiently and cost effectively, a vehicle tracking system (VTS) helps companies and its customers track vehicles carrying freight with real-time updates, ensuring reliability and customer service.

Vehicle tracking system with transportation management reduces transport cost and increases delivery reliability while serving as collaboration software for shipper companies, their customers and the transportation companies. Vehicle tracking helps optimizing transportation management by saving transport costs and improves Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance. Vehicle tracking for transportation is one of the key elements of a quality customer service. It creates transparency in your logistics network and helps you lower the cost of transportation while improving customer support by providing live visibility to customers through customer portal. There are two key components in a vehicle tracking system, one being the Vehicle Tracking Device and another being the Vehicle Tracking Application also called a Vehicle Tracking Software.

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Vehicle Tracking Device

Vehicle tracking devices also called a vehicle tracker or GPS tracker, are simple and effective solution for tracking company vehicles like cars, buses and trucks. There are different types of vehicle tracking devices that include cellular, passive and satellite devices.

Enterox partners with vehicle tracking device manufacturers and suppliers in India to offers GPS based vehicle tracker for vehicle tracking service in India. These are pre-configured vehicle tracking devices that can communicate with TMVTS vehicle tracking software allowing users to track vehicle real time from web and smartphone right out of the box.

A basic vehicle tracking device or GPS tracking device is primarily composed of a GPS module and a GSM/GPRS module. Some navigation systems that have display screen and routing application also provide connectivity for vehicle tracking services. Smartphones with mobile apps that provide location and direction service such as Google Map and PeepApp are also used as an alternative for navigation devices. However it must be noted that not all navigation system or mobile app can work as a remote vehicle tracking device as they seldom support standard GPS tracking protocols required to connect with vehicle tracking system. Further navigation device is designed with the objective of finding direction to the destination and not for tracking vehicles remotely. Whereas a vehicle tracker connected with TMVTS is designed for tracking vehicles remotely it can also be used to find direction to destination from location of the vehicle just like a navigation system but also by users with the right access, tracking the vehicle remotely.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking systems or simply GPS tracking uses global positioning system (GPS) for tracking vehicle location. A GPS tracking unit also called a GPS tracker is a device that uses global positioning system to determine the precise location of vehicle. It can be powered by battery in the vehicle and can connect with vehicle tracking server (or GPS tracking server) over internet using a mobile phone sim card that fits in the GSM / GPRS module. GPS tracking devices or GPS tracker serve as a starting point for a vehicle tracking system, it provides information such as vehicle location, direction and speed that is necessary for real time vehicle tracking.

Modern vehicle tracking system like TMVTS leverage new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) along with GPS tracking that enable intelligent vehicle for fleet management and transport management. TMVTS vehicle tracking solution applies technologies like global positioning system (GPS) and internet of things (IoT) to deliver innovative solutions that enhance customer experience and automate customer service while optimizing business operations.

Vehicle Tracking Application

Real time vehicle tracking is increasingly being used for improving customer service while also saving time and money for fleet operators using fleet management system. Fleet management functions including fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information, anti-theft and security; is delivered by fleet management software with vehicle tracking feature. Along with commercial fleet operators, transport agencies use vehicle tracking technology for a number of purposes, including monitoring vehicle schedule, triggering automatic notifications (as SMS or email) once the vehicle approaches the set location which is called Geofencing. Vehicle tracking system is also used in commercial passenger vehicles for electronic sign display of bus route such as a particular bus stop along the route, and triggering pre-recorded or synthesized speech announcements for passengers. Vehicle tracking systems are also popular in consumer vehicles as a theft prevention, monitoring and retrieval device. When used as a vehicle tracking security system, it serves as either an addition or replacement for traditional car alarm. Some vehicle tracking systems also make it possible to control the vehicle remotely, including block doors or engine as a measure for vehicle theft-protection and security.

TMVTS Vehicle tracking application for companies also integrates with enterprise software application such as ERP from Enterox, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics to provide information about transportation along with live vehicle information such as location, speed and estimate time of arrival. TMVTS is a vehicle tracking service also referred as GPS tracking service that is provided by Enterox for medium and large enterprises. However if you are an individual in India and just want to track your bike or car, follow the steps below for configuring GPS tracker and start tracking your vehicle for free*.

Configuring GPS Tracker

There are different models of GPS tracker available in the market, TK tracker is amongst the most common vehicle tracker for example TK909, TK808, etc. You can buy a GPS tracking device from your favorite ecommerce site, just make sure it supports TK tracker or H02 GPS protocol.

Refer the device manual for placing the SIM card and installing the device in vehicle connected with the battery and make sure it is powered on. Almost all GPS, GPRS tracker supports configuration through SMS commands. Identify the command used for configuring APN (Access Point Name) and set the APN based on your mobile network provider. Once the APN is set correctly the GPRS signal light of the tracker would glow continuously (without blinking).
Next Identify the command used for setting tracking server IP and port, it generally adminip or just ip followed with passcode like adminip123456 <server> <port> or adminip#123456#<server>#<port>.
Send SMS command to configure server and port 5001 for example adminip123456 5001.
The device would respond with a confirmation message similar to "OK" once the tracking server is configured. Or use the check command (ex. check123456) to verify the vehicle tracking server and port is set to TMVTS vehicle tracking server.

Start Tracking

Once the above configuration steps are completed, enter the IMEI number of the tracking device in the text box below and click on "Start Tracking" to start tracking your vehicle on map.

*Note: The free vehicle tracking service from TMVTS does not record vehicle location; it can only report the current location of the vehicle when the tracking device is powered on. Hence it cannot show the last location information of the vehicle or any other tracking device information when the device is powered off.

Vehicle Tracking Solution for Companies

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