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Buy GPS Tracking Device Online

If you are planning of buying GPS tracking device online then get the best deals for GPS tracker devices from TMVTS. We have an extensive collection of GPS tracking devices with exclusive discounts on purchase of vehicle GPS tracker online in India. Buy GPS tracking device online from TMVTS or get GPS tracking device price that includes complete GPS tracking system designed for tracking your fleet of vehicle.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is a combination of GPS tracking device that transmits signals to give information about location, vehicle speed, direction and time to the GPS tracking software that collects information which can be viewed on electronic map. VTS is used in transportation to provide better logistics management with near real-time vehicle tracking capability. Further VTS enables customers to get insight about the delivery status of their order while in transit.

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Buy Online GPS Tracking Device

GPS Vehicle Tracking System Requirements

  1. A GPS tracking device or GPS tracker is a device installed in the vehicle used to determine precise location of the carrier vehicle. It uses Global Positioning System (GPS satellite) to track location of the device as geographic coordinates on earth as latitude and longitude.
  2. A SIM card for the GSM/GPRS modem embedded in the GPS tracking device is used to transmit location and other details via cellular network over internet to the GPS tracking server.
  3. A GPS tracking server running GPS tracking software receives data from GPS tracking device, stores it and serves this information on users demand. With the help of User Interface (Website or Mobile App) provided by the tracking software one can see the real time location of the vehicle on electronic map and trace the path as the vehicle moves.

Know more about Vehicle Tracking System Or How GPS Tracker Works.

GPS Tracking Device Price

TMVTS provides GPS Tracking Devices with corresponding SIM Card and Tracking Services. Following table shows the offer price for each tracking device based on purchase volume:-

Number of Devices → 200 Plus 100 - 199 50 - 99 01 - 49
Device Only 1590 1900 2210 2300
SIM Card and Service Charge (Monthly)* 67.50 75 82.50 100
SIM Card and Service Charge (Annually) * 810 900 990 1200
Device, SIM Card and Service Charge 2400 2800 3200 3500

*Applicable from next year (paid annually)

Note: Prices shown above are excluding taxes.

Features of GPS Vehicle Tracking System

  1. 24x7 Real-Time GPS Tracking: The GPS location of your vehicle is displayed on electronic map along with its speed if the vehicle is moving.
  2. Event alerts and notification: Depending on business need SMS or Email alert can be configured. For example: Alert, if vehicle enter and exit particular zone, alert if vehicle deviates from route, alert on stoppage, over-speeding alert etc.
  3. Geocoding: The process of transforming a description of a location such as address, or a name of a place in a pair of coordinates.
  4. Geofencing: A geo-fence is a virtual geographical boundary for a real-world geographic area and set alert when a vehicle enters or leaves these boundaries.
  5. Trip History: It keeps the information of each trip such as kilometers traveled, stoppages, engine time and average speed.
  6. Saves last location: It saves the last known location of the vehicle in case the vehicle moves out of network coverage.
  7. Immobilization of vehicle from remote place: You can immobilize the vehicle remotely, if unauthorized person gets access to the vehicle.
  8. Tracking Web portal and Mobile App: You can also provide access to your customers to track your vehicles through website and mobile app.
  9. Enterprise software integration with TMVTS vehicle tracking system: TMVTS provides open API (Application Program Interface) for easy integration with enterprise software such as SAP, Enterox ERP Suite or Microsoft Dynamics.
  10. Reports and Analytics: Reports and Analytics are essential for quick decision making for example, if you notice that a particular metric is changing in an undesirable way, you can drill down to identify the source of problem.

Buy GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Companies

TMVTS Vehicle Tracking System in India, offers GPS tracking system for vehicle fleets with all kinds of vehicle be it truck, bus, car or bike. It offers GPS vehicle tracking for your business with the latest GPS tracking technology, along with Internet of Things (IoT) and business software integration capability. It enables you to track vehicle in real time while managing companies transport operation.

TMVTS is provided by the top GPS vehicle tracking system companies in Nagpur and Mumbai. GPS vehicle tracking system in Nagpur and Mumbai is available for various models of GPS tracker through dealers and suppliers of GPS vehicle tracking system in Nagpur and Mumbai that support implementation with TMVTS.

TMVTS offers reliable GPS based vehicle tracking system for tracking your vehicle location anywhere and at anytime. It is amongst the top vehicle tracking system in India that offers integration with transport management system and other business software.

If you are looking for a vehicle tracking solution for your company to manage transport operation or providing vehicle or order tracking facility to your customers with VTS integrated with ERP and CRM solution. Get in touch with Enterox or call +91 90353 78983 or drop an email to