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GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker or GPS tracking unit is a device that is mounted on vehicle and powered by the battery in vehicle to determine precise location of the carrier vehicle at regular intervals. It uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite to track location of the device as geographic coordinates on earth as lattitute and longitude. Advanced GPS Tracker for Vehicle Tracking System such as GPS Vehicle Tracker (GPSVT) is now available with IoT sensors for vehicle condition monitoring along with standard GPS tracking device.

Real time Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking system (VTS) is a system that combines the use of vehicle tracking device and vehicle tracking software to track real-time vehicle information such as vehicle location, speed and direction along with vehicle status (parked or running).

Vehicle tracking system is the complete solution that enables tracking vehicle's speed and location in real time or on demand using computer system or mobile phone to remotely access information received from GPS trackers installed in the vehicle.

GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Device for vehicle is used to determine precise location of moving vehicle anytime from anywhere. GPS tracking device receives the signals from the satellite using Global Positioning System (GPS) module to calculate the coordinates. GSM/GPRS modem embedded in the GPS Tracking Device transmits location and other details via SMS/GPRS data network (over internet) to the vehicle tracking service. This data can be used to plot the coordinates on the map in real time and trace the path as GPS device moves. TMVTS is one of the leading vehicle tracking system offered by Enterox.

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Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global Positioning System (GPS) was originally developed and implemented by U.S Department of Defense (DOD) for military navigation but now it is available for civil and commercial use without any kind of charge or restrictions. GPS shows you your exact position on or above the earth’s surface, from anywhere, anytime, in any weather. GPS technology is currently being used in almost all industry sector like in Transportation, Aviation, Mining, Forestry, Agriculture, Military, Geology, etc. Personal GPS devices are been used by scientists, hikers, sailors, fishermen, atheletes, farmers, drivers, dispatchers to make thier work productive, easier and safer. From the time GPS is introduced, people have been coming up with innovative ideas to use the technology in their everyday life such as GeoCache, a global GPS based treasure hunt, tracking valuable assets, using GPS navigation while travelling in strange location, monitoring children when they are away from home, monitoring employee engaged in field work, tracking of elderly members with Alzheimer's disease, tracking luggage, emergency road side assistance, tracking pets. GPS technologies are often been used in many areas that we do not normally consider like it can be used by emergency crew to locate people who need help. GPS will become almost as basic as the mobile. Indeed, it just may become a part of our everyday lives.

GPS Trilateration

Global positioning system (GPS) applications can be broadly categorized into:

Working of GPS Technology

GPS technology has three main components: the space segment(GPS Satellites), the control segment(Ground Stations) and the user segment(GPS Receivers).

Global Positioning System (GPS) is an assembly of around 32 (at the time of writing this article) well spaced satellites (24 are operational and extra if any one fails) orbiting the earth and their ground stations (which track and monitor the GPS satellites). These satellites are strategically placed in the orbit such that at least four GPS satellites are visible from any point on Earth in the sky at any given time. Each satellite circles the Earth twice a day and transmits radio signals at regular intervals containing information about its position at a specific time from space that are received by the GPS receiver (GPS Tracking device) that convert these satellite signals to estimate the actual position, velocity and time. Each satellite contains an atomic clock (that keep accurate time to within three nanoseconds) which checks its own sense of time and position with a ground station and incorporate corrections in the signals they send to GPS receivers. GPS device multiple receivers pick up signals from several GPS satellites (three or more) at a same time, compares it, find the difference between the time the satellite sent the signal and the signal was received. This information allows the GPS receiver to calculate distance between satellite and GPS tracking device to determine its location accurate to a matter of meters and also track movement. This process is called trilateration. The GPS receiver can also calculate altitude with signals from four or more satellites.

Type of GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Device are used to track the position of assest as they make their journey. There are are of two types GPS tracker.

Passive GPS Tracking Device do not monitor vehicle movement in real time but stores the information in the device memory which can be accessed once the vehicle returns to the office. Information stored in a device can be downloaded to the computer to analyze delivery pattern like stops made, date and time information, direction traveled. Passive GPS tracking device reduces the monthly costs to track your vehicle as it stores the information directly into a data logger and manually to a system after completion of journey or wirelessly transferred during the journey. A passive tracker are affordable and small enough to slip into your purse, luggage bag and you can use it to track your child and if in danger he can press the SOS/panic button.If a vehicle or any asset in which device is installed is lost or stolen,Passive GPS tracker is of no help to locate.

Unlike passive GPS Tracking Device, Active GPS Tracking Device are continuously transmit signals, and processes data in real time to dedicated computer via satellite or cellular networks and mapped on area maps and can be recorded for future reference.You can view location(latitude and longitude), stop duration, speed, and other tracking details anytime, anywhere. Active Tracking Device provides real-time alerts and notifications, like overspeeding, excessive idle time, entering particular zone,takes alternate routes etc. Active GPS tracking device save your time and money.

GPS Tracker is divided into three category depending on how GPS data is logged and retrieved

Data loggers

Data loggers are most basic type of GPS tracking which just logs the position of the device at regular intervals directly in its internal memory. Mordern GPS data loggers have flash memory or memory card slot and a USB port where it records data of an object on board. The flash memory can then be transferred and accessed using USB or accessed on the device itself. Data loggers device can be used for private investigation or for sports by hiker, bikers and joggers and by photographers to directly produce geotagged photographs.Activities and information stored can be later downloaded and analyzed for check their performance.

Data Pushers

Data Pushers are GPS tracking units that are extensively used for tracking assets, personal tracking and vehicle tracking system. A data pusher GPS tracking unit pushes data from the device about its location, direction, speed, distance at regular intervals to a central server, that can store and instantly analyze the data. Most of GPS tracker uses data push technology, enabling GPS tracking in business environments like commercial fleet management to control and manage trucks and other vehicles.

GPS tracking systems used in commercial fleet management have two parts: hardware (or tracking device) and tracking software. Tracking device is installed in the vehicle; connected with ignition system switch, battery for getting extra information which later gets tranferred to the GPS tracking server where fleet activity can be viewed live or historically using digital maps and reports.For instance, delivery vehicles can be located instantly and their progress can be tracked and other details like speed, idle time by fleet manager and can be shared with their clients.

Other applications of trackers includes:
Asset tracker: used in wildlife animal tracking to study their activities and migration pattern,used in museum for monitoring valuable artwork like painting and sculptures etc.
Aircraft tracker: used to track their fleet of aircraft and also to control air traffic.
Personal GPS tracker: used for monitoring suspect out on bail, used by race officials to track the route taken by participants in the race, used by private investigators for spying, used by parents to track their children, used to monitor dementia paitents, monitoring sales and service employees going out for field work. If valuable goods are reside in a specific location or being transported, they can be monitored constantly to avoid theft and other unwanted events.

Data Pullers

Data pullers GPS units are usually always on and can be queried (using pull technology) as many time as required for their location and other data by GPS tracking system. GPS data pullers are also known as GPS transponders.

Vehicle Tracking Solution for Companies

GPS tracking makes it easy to keep track of vehicles; their location, movement, speed and direction. GPS trackers are available from a wide range of cost effective and reliable GPS vehicle tracking system providers. Some of the short-listed GPS tracker from vehicle tracking system providers in India are listed below:

There are many vehicle tracking solutions in the market but it is recommended to choose Vehicle Tracking System for your business wisely.

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